Applying Yourself – CMP Capstone Project

This is my final project for my senior year of college in the University of Oklahoma’s Creative Media Production track. This is a project of many firsts for me, both technically and emotionally.

On the technical side, this was the first time I asked for extras on a shoot, forcing me to learn proper conduct when working with other people on a shoot. This was also where I took my first shot at production audio recording, using a Tascam and wireless LAV mics, even ordering my own roll of gaff tape for that sole purpose. This utilizes my combined knowledge of video shooting and editing principles (Electronic Field Production ), audio recording and editing (Audio Production), and sequence planning on script and storyboard (Electronic Media Writing and Electronic Field Production) up to that point, while simultaneously expanding to new areas I had heard about in class, but hadn’t put into practice, such as production audio recording and hiring outside help. This was a valuable learning experience, and I’d like to think it stands as one of my milestones of technical application and a sign of my growth over the years in the CMP track.

Emotionally, this comes at the end of the semester, and at the end of my college track. Throughout my work on this project, at the Gaylord College of Journalism, and at OU in general, I had been wracked with various anxiety issues, such as questioning my own abilities and fretting before things even begin. This project also stands to me as part of my adapting to work under stress, impending deadlines, and uncertain futures, which I consider a valuable skill for anyone. It represents it in the context of final projects and production, sure, but I wanted to let it express my fears and hopes in it subject matter as well, serving as a form of release for myself, and hopefully others as well. It signifies to me, as cheesy as it is, that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel, and no matter how hard you trip and fall, you’ll always have people to support you,  and you’ll never stop growing and learning, coming at every new challenge the stronger for it.

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